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rattan arch mirror

Savannah Arch Mirror

Available now!

rattan coffee table oval

Bora Bora Oval Coffee Table

Available in large round as well!

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For the girl who loves dolls…😮⁠

Our Zali Doll prams are in stock and ready to go!⁠

Photography and styling by Kirsty @pinksugarstyling⁠

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Such a cutie!⁠

Photo courtesy of @master_and_miss

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Self tidying Rattan Bench Seat with storage!⁠

Not really. 🤣 But wouldn't it be amazing?⁠

Our new Lani kids bench seat.⁠

With half-price shipping!⁠

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MY bed Mummy!⁠

Featuring our Meadow Toddler bed.⁠

Photo courtesy of @thesymonsclan 🙏🏻

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If only our kid's spaces always stayed this lovely!⁠

Featuring our new Olivia cabinet/bedside table.⁠

Photography and styling by Ash @our_life_behind_the_lens

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Ever had a mirror that always made you look great?

Me neither……however….

Our Savannah Mirror will make any space look fabulous!

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Just lovely simple styling...⁠

By Michelle @mystylemyloves⁠

Wall stickers @saila_lane⁠
Suitcases @belleandcoliving

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Have you ever ordered a mirror, and it has arrived broken?⁠

We guarantee that if your, incredibly impossible to break because it’s wrapped so well, mirror doesn’t arrive intact, we will replace it for FREE!⁠

We still have our large Savannah floor mirrors in stock, ready to ship out now!⁠ (And a few mediums as well.)

Photography and styling by Brooke @thehstyled

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Coming back soon! 😃⁠

We are often asked about when our beds are coming back in stock. This year has been a nightmare with supply issues, but our beds are coming back soon! Singles and Toddlers should be here next month. 🤞🏻⁠

Email us now to go on the waiting list.⁠

⁠Photography and styling by Brooke @thehstyled⁠

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