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Only three left!

No more coming in. 😢

Our Meadow Toddler bed is no more.

We have made the difficult decision to discontinue bringing it in.

If you have thought about getting this toddler bed, don’t delay.

Styling and photography by Kirsty @pinksugarstyling

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Ever wanted to go to Africa?⁠

We lived there for a few years, and when our twin girls were in their last year of high school, they had the opportunity to visit South Africa and Malawi. ⁠

It was such an amazing experience they loved, and will never forget, and we would highly recommend it if you have the opportunity. ⁠

They brought a few trinkets home - as you do - and we found this shelf to be the perfect place to display a couple of them.⁠

Where in the world have you wanted to visit, short or long term, but yet to go?

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💖 Handmade with love⁠

🌴 Natural Rattan

Our Savannah mirror is the perfect addition to your home. 🏡⁠

Secure yours before anyone else gets their hands on it, while they are ✨ discounted by $100!

✨ PLUS an extra ⚡10% off the discounted price ⚡ once you've subscribed to our site. ⁠

Whew! 😅 Now that’s a lot of savings! ⁠

Oh, and we guarantee safe arrival of your mirror, or we replace it. Yay! 👍🏻

Pre-order yours now 🛒… stock is super limited!⁠

Estimated shipping late April. 👍⁠

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How gorgeous does the Lani bench seat look here?⁠

Photography and styling by Cass @ourcoastalhaven_

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Are you hanging in there...⁠

How have you faired with all this rain?⁠

We have had major damage to our driveway and gardens, and now cleaning up. 🙄⁠

What about you? 🤔

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How to get that Boho look in a kids bedroom…

Add a Rattan bed! 😬😍

Check out @thehstyled for more Boho inspo…


Featuring our Meadow single bed. One sale now! 👍🏻

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We're in Rattan heaven!⁠

@happy_blooms_ has created such a beautiful space here, with our large Savannah mirror.⁠

Oh, and they make gorgeous dried flower arrangements! Check them out!⁠

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Have you been thinking about upgrading your little one to a "Big" kids bed?⁠

Alex @the.lyons.life showcases our Sunrise Single bed beautifully here.⁠

We still have a few Sunrise Single beds in stock and on sale with $100 off. ⁠

More singles and King singles coming in April. Yay!⁠

Wallpaper @nattyandpollywallpaper⁠
Prints @sabinafenn⁠
Chandelier @hello.marla⁠
Sheets @ecosa_sleep⁠
Ceramics @jonesandco_⁠

Styled by @de_vere_design_co⁠
📸 @thatcoastalphotographer⁠

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