About Us

At Rattan Revival our mission is to bring and supply vintage inspired, sustainable, eco-friendly handmade natural rattan furniture and accessories at direct prices to not only save you money, but also help you enhance your home and lifestyle.

Why did we start Rattan Revival?

This is us on a trip in to Bali in 2018.
Lisa (short one) had no desire to go but Steve (only bloke there) had enough points to take our youngest (the tall girls), somewhere close and quick, so (short one) reluctantly agreed! We left our 39 yr old son behind!
We have since been back to Bali… We like the quieter areas though… Being so old!
Our girls have now graduated from High School and are now entering a different phase of their lives.
So are we! What are we going to to?
Start another business, I said! (only bloke)
What? Do you want a divorce? (short one)

And here we are!

Before attempting to write the “About us” part of the Website, I (short one) trolled (sorry, perused) many Businessʼs sites and came to the horrific realisation that many of them were young and cool! We are neither…although there is a very slim possibility that we could be microscopically cool….but I doubt it! “Jurassic” has been tossed around by the son. One of the Grandsons once said “Youʼre not old Nana” which I thought was awesome coming from a tween…..then remembered heʼd seen me buy ice cream and chocolate. I even attempted to “write cool” regarding how we came to be selling Rattan, but sounded idiotic so deleted it.

The most important info about us is that we are committed to selling good quality Rattan furniture and decor. We REALLY want our customers to be happy, delighted even, which will then make us happy. Having been in a semi similar industry for the last decade plus, we understand how important quality and affordability are so we aim to be your favourite Rattan supplier.

We were needing a change and wanted to be part of the global “Rattan Revival”, providing not only work for local Indonesian families, but sell something unique, handmade, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Knowing that each piece is hand made, therefore unique, helps to appreciate the cost of each item. No production line identicals with these beautiful, individual, warm, sustainable, natural rainforest vine, works of art.

Why buy from us?

All Inclusive Benefits:
You can call us direct and speak to a real person!
Buying direct saves you money
Deal direct with the importer so you save money
Did we say that you can save money?
Australia-wide delivery
Each production run is tested for quality to ensure high standards
If you do not see the product you are looking for, we can source the particular product you need.

Oh and we are nice to deal with! :-),
so please feel free to contact us at ;

Rattan Revival Pty Ltd
6A / 7 Whalley Creek Close
Burnside QLD 4560
Ph: 1300 RATTAN
ABN: 74 455 308 064

Eco-friendly and Sustainable.

All of our furniture and décor is hand-woven by talented artisans in Indonesia and is made from natural, lightweight rattan and is extremely strong. Rattan is a naturally renewable member of the palm family that grows in the Indonesian rainforest and is invaluable to the livelihoods of rural villagers in South East Asia.

Help save the planet and turn to products that are eco-friendly and made with sustainable materials like rattan!

As everything is handmade, each piece ends up with a character of its own. The slight imperfections give each piece its human touch and are therefore, in our view, just perfect.⁣⠀