Commercial & Trade Enquiries

At Rattan Revival our mission is to bring and supply unique, durable, handmade rattan furniture and accessories for direct prices. Also to serve homeowners, interior designers, hotels and resorts redecorating, and many other people and businesses to save time energy and money. Sorry, at this stage we are not offering wholesale to retail outlets.

So who are the people and customers Rattan Revival serve?

✓ Homeowners use Rattan Revival for many varying reasons. Some are individuals who are interested in home décor and want to add natural handmade furniture to their home for the best price direct.

Others are professional couples that want unique pieces of rattan furniture which is a lot different to what they normally find in their local furniture retail store.

And others are homeowners who need a range of different styled rattan furniture pieces for inside and outside their home.

We know our rattan furniture bedheads, hanging chairs, stools and products extremely well, how to serve people and how to provide the highest quality rattan furniture for the best prices direct.

✓ Hotels and Resorts –Some hotels and resorts use our handmade rattan furniture because they’re refurbishing their resort and need new and distinct pieces of rattan furniture to feature inside and outside their resort.

And while every resort and hotel client we serve has different requirements, they all get to buy their rattan hanging chairs, bedheads, chairs, outdoor settings and any piece of rattan furniture they can think of direct, which keeps their cash flow and budget intact.

They also use Rattan Revival because we have a great range of indoor and outdoor rattan furniture, from Coastal to Boho-Scandinavian to modern to farm house traditional. Rattan Revival has a myriad of rattan furniture finishes and colours, which can be customised to suit any style.

From rattan bedheads to tables, to dining room chairs and every piece of rattan furniture you can imagine, if it’s rattan furniture for private, retail or commercial use Rattan Revival has it or can find it for you or your furniture wholesale store.

Rattan is beautiful, stylish, durable and ours is all hand-made.

Wholesale, Retail, Commercial and Project enquires are most welcome. We are happy to help you with your design requirements, wether your business is a resort, restaurant or office, I’m sure we can help find the right style and pieces for your project.